Fall River, MA Appliance Repair FAQ


Fall River, MA Appliance Repair FAQ

Update – Please visit our friends at Neighborhood Appliance Repair Co. for your refrigerator, dryer, washer, dishwasher, disposal, range, stove, and oven repairs.  We recommend them for all your appliance repairs in the Fall River, MA area

Most of our customers have a lot of questions about the home repair process. In order for Appliance Repair in Fall River, MA to start serving you with professionalism and integrity, we have gathered together the top 10 most asked questions. Fall River, MA Appliance Repair FAQ

  1. Are you licensed and insured?

    The short answer is “yes.” We are insured but there is not mandated licensing for appliance repair in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

  2. Do you provide free estimates?

    We do not offer a free estimate. In our experience, the traditional appliance repair business model does not afford companies the ability to offer free estimates.  We also advise against comparing service charges as the sole factor in choosing an appliance repair company.  The service charge has very little to do with the end result of the price.  Anyone can offer a very inexpensive service charge and then have a final price that is much higher than the industry standard. 

  3. What kind of work do you do?

    We specialize in a wide-range of residential appliance repair.  We repair refrigerators, freezers (chest and stand-up), dishwashers, garbage disposals (repair and replace), ranges, stoves (gas and electric), ovens (gas and electric), washers, dryers (gas and electric), stackable laundry units, and coin-operated units.  Our technicians are used to working in a wide range of environments including pristine estates, beach condos, and single family homes.   

  4. Should I unplug the appliance before the technician arrives?

    No, this is almost never a good thing to do.  It is pertinent that the technician has observable evidence to make an accurate diagnosis.  Some appliances takes up to 24 hours to start working at their full capacity and an intermittent problem may not begin if the machine hasn’t been running long enough.  This is advise is especially important for refrigerators.  The only time we recommend not keeping an appliance plugged in is if it involves safety and/or health.  

    However, what this does not mean, is that if your stove is not igniting, to keep the stove knob to the “on” position until we arrive.  This will cause gas to leak out and will have huge safety and health implications.  Instead, keep the knob turned off. 

  5. Are you “Authorized to service” ….. (specific brand)

    In appliance repair all “authorized” means is that a specific company does warranty work for another specific company.  

  6. Do you provide a warranty on your work?

    We do provide a warranty on any work that we perform.

  7. How long have you been in business?

    We have been in business for over 8 years.

  8. What are your hours? Do you work Weekends? Is there an surcharge for weekends?

    Our office hours are Monday – Saturday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM and our service hours are Monday – Saturday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.  We do not have a surcharges for Saturday appointments, same day appointments, or for addresses which are far away from our main service areas . 

  9. How many home repair projects have you completed in the past year?

    During the past year, we have conducted over 100 home repair projects.

  10. Where can I buy appliance parts?

    Appliance parts can be purchased from a variety of websites including: Parts Select, Repair Clinic, and Appliance Parts Pros.