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Welcome to the Blog for Appliance Repair in Fall River, MA.  In this blog we’ll be giving you life pro tips, tricks, pics, discounts, on all things appliances and appliance repair.  You’ll find new uses for your appliances, novel ways to make food, alternative ways to clean your appliances, and much more.  Follow us for the best appliance repair blog ever!

Every now and then, in the appliance repair business, we come across a great tip, either through experience, researching online, or from one of our customers.  It’s our greatest joy to share this information back to our readers.  

Since we know literally everyone, everywhere, absolutely LOVES tacos, we decided to make our first #LifeProTip to be the taco shell trick! Simply, hang taco shells upside down on the oven rack to get them nice and evenly heated and to give them a little shape! Enjoy your next taco night!